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Shes the middle child of her 2 sisters. Her older sister was the first to discover that they were mermaids. Her younger sister wasn't born a mermaid so Kendall turned her into one. When Kendall found out she swam through the ocean for hours everyday. When she was 12 her parents went on vacation but never returned. She later found out that they had died on their trip. Her older sister took care of them for a few years. Kendall was sent to a boarding school in England. When she finished, she moved to Spero and met her best friend Daisy Unknown and her boyfriend Edgar Khyme.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Kendall is kind hearted, loves children, and hanging out with friends. When she gets mad or if you hurt her friends, she will go crazy on you.


She is a mermaid that can shoot water bubbles or orbs and can make a water bubble around someone and they can breathe in it and float.


Didn't really date much throughout her life. She got a boyfriend in highschool names Glacier. They broke up a few months after dating. Kendall later died and she was resurrected and Glacier asked to get back together. She eventually married Glacier and they had 4 kids.


She has long brown hair and brown eyes. 5'8, pretty skinny. Wears denim shorts and t-shirts.


*Throws a rock at it* "Oh"


Went to a private school for most of her life then transferred to Hinton High in England.


Loosing everyone she loves.


People that are rude to her friends or family. Most fights.


Children, family, friends, swimming, Glacier and her kids, Being outside.


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